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Richard and Roxanne Ware - BRONZE

Karen Leiker- BRONZE

Thank you!

College Swing Scholarship (CSS)

The CSS fund at Wild Wild Westie is looking to award 1-2 full-time college students that are looking to further their dance!

CSS will comprise event passes for future events (TBD) and will provide for travel, hotel, registration, contest registration and lesson fees for those events.  This scholarship will be awarded by the CSS committee at Wild Wild Westie 2016.   The scholarship will be based on performance and criteria determined by our scholarship committee. 

To be eligible you must be: 

1) a full-time college student under the age of 26
2) attend Wild Wild Westie 2016
3) register as a candidate prior to the start of WWW weekend. No late registrations will be considered. Register by sending your NAME, College affiliation, Status (full time, e.g. Freshman), age and the answers to the following questions to twang.work@gmail.com:

When did you start dancing?
What are your goals for your dancing this year?
How have you contributed to your dance community in this last year?

CSS committee members:
Suma Datta (Aggie Westies)
Scott Dawson (Aggie Westies)
Emma Richards (UT Westies)
Taletha Jouzdani (UT Westies)
JB Brodie (UT Arlington and Nearby Colleges)
Stevie Dawn (Junior´s Scholarship)
Matt Carter (Junior´s Scholarship)
Demetre Souliotes (SoCal Westies)

CSS is generously sponsored by :

Wild Wild Westie - GOLD donor
Suma Datta and Scott Dawson  - GOLD donor
Richard and Roxanne Ware  - BRONZE donor
Karen Leiker - BRONZE donor
Russell Keller and http://MidnightMadness.dance - SILVER donor
Helen Tocco and Karl Olney - Bronze donor

Geoff Pan and The After Party - passes
Austin Swing Dance Championships - passes
Sway´D - footwear for recipients

If you would like to also be a sponsor for CSS - whether it may be event passes or to contribute to the scholarship directly, please contact Tracy Wang at twang.work@gmail.com to be a sponsor

Click LINK to donate:

Donate to the CSS!

GOLD: $500 or more (includes 1 weekend pass, acknowledgment as a primary sponsor, progress reports from the students, shout-out at WWW2016 and everything for SILVER)

SILVER:$250 -$500 (WWW t-shirt and everything for BRONZE)

BRONZE: up to $250 (website thank you!)