July 3 - 5th


DJ Lab 

with Koichi Tsunoda and Liz Ravdin

FREE, spaces limited and sign-up required

7/3 at 12:30 PDT/2:30 CDT/9:30 CET 

How do I sign up?
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DJ Lab is a hands-on training session facilitated by Liz Ravdin and Koichi Tsunoda where they explore their ideas regarding West Coast Swing DJing! And we´re doing this on Zoom! Like everyone else in the world! 

This will be a great session for those that are thinking about DJing, are already DJing, and/or those that want to learn more about DJing in general! 

Liz and Koichi will go over these topics:

Flow: How to create a dynamically flowing social set!
"Disaster" Recovery 
"Safe" Experimentation! 
Requirements: - A laptop/device you use to DJ. - Internet LOL

Ever since Koichi became a Westie DJ in July 2012, he’s had the opportunity to DJ at all of the WSDC-affiliated events in the Pacific Northwest. Outside of the Northwest, some of the events he’s DJed include Atlanta Swing Classic, MADjam and Swingtacular. You can quite often see him closing the ballroom at events, which happens to be what he enjoys doing the most.

Similar to his openness in sharing all of his sets (https://www.facebook.com/dj.koichi/notes/), he really enjoys sharing how he DJs. He’s excited to knowledge share especially because he believes his mostly-engineering-based approach to managing a flow played a huge role in helping him become the DJ he is now. Using DJ Lab as the training platform, he hopes to guide DJs towards whatever their goals may be.

Checkout his DJ Page for more info: http://facebook.com/dj.koichi.

Liz has been DJing around Texas since 2014 and has recently begun expanding to other areas around the US. Besides having the opportunity to DJ for local events such as Wild Wild Westie and Austin Rocks she has also been able to spin some tunes for Swingtacular, Atlanta Swing Classic, and Monterey Swingfest (among others). She is addicted to DJing whenever, whatever, and wherever, but DJing late night is her sweet spot. 

Combining her skill set as a teacher and her love of DJing, one of her primary focuses throughout the past few years has been building the local DJ community. Sometimes it has been through more structured platforms, such as the Austin Rocks DJ Battle, but mostly she is open to sharing her experiences and knowledge with aspiring DJs. After all, the more quality DJs there are, the better the music will be, which means better dancing for everyone right? She is excited to continue contributing to the DJ community through the DJ Lab program!