July 5th -  
   July 8th   


Dallas, TX

Judging Team (TBD)

Stevie Dawn Blakely

(Head Judge) 

Stevie is an accomplished dancer, teacher and choreographer who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. Stevie has been dancing for over 27 years, but has made West Coast Swing her focus for the last 14. She specializes in bringing fun and musicality into her dance, connecting with the music, her partner and the audience. Stevie’s love for WCS is obvious in her teaching, coaching and dancing. Currently she competes at the All-Star/Champion level around the country.

Angel and Debbie Figueroa

Mr. Kris (Extraordinäre) Swearingen

Barry Jones

Jerome and Bonnie Subey

Kelly Casanova

Master of Ceremonies

Sheven Kekoolani

Glenn Ball