Kristen Humphrey and Brandon Parker

Brandon started dancing West Coast Swing in 2004 at age 14. Because of his background in vocal music, his mother encouraged him to start dancing as well. After years of effort, he finally gave in. Little did he know; his passion for dance would turn into a lifelong hobby and career. He started out taking classes, and worked with various teachers and mentors to become an excellent dancer, instructor & choreographer. Now in his 20s, Brandon has worked his way up the ranks of the WSDC ranking system to the All Star division, and is a consistent finalist and top placer in improv and routine divisions. He is currently teaching group, private lessons and workshops at home and around the country with Kristen Humphrey. His quirky and fun, yet to the point teaching style is well loved by all. He is passionate about getting new dancers to find their own love of West Coast Swing, like he did years ago, along with creating a fun, friendly & open environment in his classes. His other talents include: MC´ing, DJ´ing, judging, and hosting private functions. 

Kristen began West Coast Swing 6 years ago and it quickly grew to be one of her passions. Prior to that she spent years dancing and choreographing for a company; performing Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Modern. She currently dances in the Champion/All Star division of West Coast Swing and is a consistent top placement holder and finalist. In 2014-2015 Kristen competed her classic routine in US Open Classic Finals and also placed top 5 on the NASDE circuit. Kristen travels often, and is sought out all over the US to dance, compete, and teach West Coast. She currently teaches weekly with Brandon Parker in Houston, Texas. Kristen desires to share the joy of West Coast Swing through teaching private lessons, workshops, performing, and social dancing; and is thankful to be part of the amazing West Coast Swing community.