Wild Wild Westie 2018 - Cowboys and Aliens, oh my!
Huge thank you and props to Nicole Zwerlein, the evil genius designer behind both the swingesaurus and swingtacular (with help from Tanin Kosol) mugs!

Dance All Night Mugs

Is your favorite thing to social dance.. specifically those magical late night dances? Well, this year - we have the amazing dance all night mug challenge - our third year strong! 
As you may remember, we partnered with SWINGesota / SWINGesota Summer Spectacular 2018 w/ John, Alyssa, and Robert! and the Swingesaurus himself, Hieu and friends to bring the 2017 mug.

This year, Wild Wild Westie and Swingtacular: The Galactic Open 2018 / BAMEO has partnered up to bring you the Sivle Yelserp Mug! 

How do you earn a mug? 

Social Dance until the DJ calls it!  This may be anytime during the night (most likely after 6am!).  Survive the last dance and pick up your mug from the DJ booth!

Happy Mug Hunting!