WSDC Jack and Jills

please refer to WSDC rules and eligibility requirements

download wsdc jack and jill rules pdf

Wild Wild Jack and Jill

Random Draw with the exception that All-Star and Champions level dancers will not be eligible to draw other All-Star and Champion level dancers. 

Couples are determined in preliminary rounds and will be judged as a couple for the entire competition.

Rising Star Routine Division

For event specific rules:
Rising star tour rules for eligibility apply:

download rising star tour rules pdf

Division Rules

1) A couple consists of one leader and one follower. A couple may be other than a male leader and female follower. This routine division is degendered.

2) Minimum age for Rising Star is 15 years of age. 

3) The maximum number of entries in each division is at the event’s discretion. Minimum number of entries = three (3). If there are less than three (3) couples, the event shall offer the competitors the opportunity to perform an exhibition with judges´ feedback.

4) Expected swing content of any style is 70%. It is at the judges’ discretion to determine that the swing content has been met.

1) Performance time is a minimum of two (2) minutes and maximum of three (3) minutes.

2) Competitors select their own music.

3) Costumes are required.

4) No props.

5) Time and judging starts at first movement of performance with or without music. Separate entrances are permitted, but must come together within thirty-two (32) beats of the music intro.

6) Break-a-ways and side-by-side patterns are permitted, not longer than eight (8) beats.

7) Lifts are optional but not required.

8)Maximum five (5) partner weight support moves with at least one foot on the ground.