July 6th -  
   July 9th   


Dallas, TX

Like previous years, we have a very high standard for our workshops (since we started out as a workshop weekend!). 

We have 4 W-levels with each level including 3 core, 1 elective and 1 critique class.  Our CORE topics this year are: Connection, Dimension and Musicality. We have 1 FUN electiveTwo Seminar Classes -  Expect Demo and Lecture Format - ALL LevelsLadies and Men´s Styling - ALL Levels

Seminars are all levels and will be directed at a specific topic. 

Electives are thought of as ‘fun’ classes that use fundamentals taught in CORE classes in an interesting and fun way!

Workshop Titles arranged by Instructor:

Jen Deluca - 

W3-CORE Musicality  Friday 4:30PM "She Says He Says" sharing musical opportunity 

W1 - CORE Dimension - Saturday 10:00AM "Angle Addict" Simple ways to instantly boost your slot appeal 

Ladies Styling Class - ALL LEVELS - "Followers Styling With Adele" Learn a choreographed piece to use at home for self practice. Lots of arm styling in this one!

Kellese Key 

W4 - ELECTIVE - Saturday 11:00AM "How to be Kellese/How to lead Kellese" - please wear pants for this elective. 

Brandon and Kristen 

W1- CORE - Friday 4:30PM "Gimme some of dat ´nection"  be the con-NECTION you wish to see in the world.

Demetre and Malia (´Meech and Mia´) 

W4 Core Connection: 3:30PM"Gas Break Dip" - How to accelerate and ease into dips and tricks. 

College Class: Saturday 5:00PM "Let The Rhythm Hit´em"

W4 Critique Class: Sunday 10:30AM "Mamma Mia Says..."

Barry Jones - W3 Elective - Saturday 11:00AM "Flash Partnership Moves"

Ben and Taletha 

W2 Elective - Saturday 11:00AM  "Drop the mic: Make a statement with out any apologies. Learn what it takes to leave a good impression on both your partner and the audience"

W1 Critique Class: Sunday 10:30AM 

Take advantage of this personal feedback session and walk away with unique insights on your dance. Or just listen and learn from the feedback that your peers receive. This is a great opportunity to get instant feedback much like what you would receive in a private lesson.  

Ben Morris - CHAIR

Seminar - "Spotlight on Spotlights" Panel - Learn how to execute a competitive spotlight dance from the experts.  Chaired by Ben Morris - the panel includes: Victoria Henk, Angel and Debbie Figueroa, Kris Swearingen and Kellese Key.  1.5 hours - will include lecture and Q&A period.