Ruby Lair (Head DJ)

I started DJing for the west coast swing dance community in 2008 in Houston, TX. 

My love of music is only rivaled by my love of dancing. I really do spend countless hours seeking out new music to share with west coast swing dance community. I love to see a floor packed with dancers and playing music that makes people want to dance.

My music sets contain a mixture of genres to keep the dancers on the floor all night long, including pop, swing, R&B, blues, etc.  I do avoid playing explicit or profane songs in my sets.  I frequently DJ parties, dances, and west coast swing events locally and nationally.

·  Started dancing west coast swing in 2004

·  Started DJing for west coast swing  in 2008

·  Member of Global Swing DJs Group

·  Nominated for WAG Award as 2010 DJ of the Year

·  2010 DJ of the Year – Allswing DJ Group

·  2014 DJ Hall of Fame – Global Swing DJs Group

Helen Tocco

Helen Tocco began dancing in 1999, and has since not only mastered technique, connection, and partnering communication; but also brought an innate sense of musicality and soul to her dancing. While her roots are in Lindy Hop, Helen began dancing West Coast Swing in 1999 and quickly met with competitive success. She has several first place wins and rapidly worked her way up to the advanced level.

Helen DJs regularly at national events, and before moving to California, she could be found spinning weekly in the DC area. Her mix of soulful and inspiring music gets dancers moving on their feet and has made her a sought after DJ.

Well known for her flexible teaching style and her ability to effectively communicate with students of all ages and backgrounds, Helen is an accomplished instructor. While living in Maryland, she taught weekly beginning and intermediate classes, as well as intensives and specialty workshops, at Glen Echo Park in Maryland. Helen also helped coach the CUA Ballroom Dance Team, and as one of the resident swing dance instructors, she helped CUA to establish an intercollegiate swing dance team. She firmly believes that anyone can be taught to dance, and that swing dancing in particular is a great way to express yourself.

For more about Helen visit To contact Helen email

Cher Peadon

Aka “MsL8nite” is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA area. Music is an integral part of Cher’s life and remains a powerful influence with her present endeavors. Her passion for music and the dance community is felt when she spins. A 4 time US Open Swing Dance Champion, Cher is currently sharing her music DJing, not only throughout the United States, but abroad as well.

Inducted into the Boppers HOF in 2009, Cher is also the Founder/Director of Americas Classic Championships; Founder of AANCE, the Novice & Intermediate International Dance Tour and Founder of Global Swing DJs Assoc;

Chris Singley 

Hailing from Detroit, Chris Singley aka "The Technician" has always had a love for music and an appreciation for dance. He was introduced to partner dancing by his older sister shortly before moving to Dallas in the summer 2009 and promptly started taking lessons in DFW Swingout as his entry to dance and becoming hooked. Soon after, his dance partner convinced him to take Westcoast Swing lessons with her and a new addiction was formed. It didn´t take long for him to feel the pull to try his hand at DJing and he got his first opportunity to DJ a Westcoast Swing party hosted by the SFactor Dance Troupe in 2011 and hasn´t looked back since. From that experience he started being requested for weekly and monthly local dances as well as numerous local and regional competitions being frequently paired with and learning under legends Ruby Lair, Cher Peadon and Victor Loviera.

Liz Ravdin

Also called "DJ Lizard" 

Introduced to the world of WCS in 2013, what first drew Liz to this dance was the amazing music! Over the past few years, she´s been able to build upon her love of the music and the dance by deejaying both locally and for major events. She enjoys everything from Justin Bieber to Etta James and anything that makes you want to groove. When she isn’t spinning tunes, she is busy planning for Austin´s monthly Swingeasy social, competing on the national WCS circuit, and attempting to make time for non-dance activities. Because that’s a thing apparently.

Forrest Hanson