Volunteering at Wild Wild Westie!

We know that this event only happens with the support of numerous volunteers. Because we know students are often cash-strapped, we want to offer the first opportunity to volunteer to our full-time students (high school, college, graduate school).  There is no age limit, but we do prioritize if you are a full-time student (aka not quite on your first real job yet!).  If you´re not a student, we are still very happy to have you on the volunteer team, so please send us an email!

How to apply?

1. Email wildwildwestieweekend.volunteer@gmail.com for a volunteer registration form.  PLEASE USE THE SUBJECT TITLE: WWW VOLUNTEER REQUEST
The registration form will ask for the number of hours you want, your arrival, departure date and time, as well as any workshops/competitions that you DO NOT want to miss.

2. IF you are a student, purchase a student pass online, or bring a check to the volunteer coordinator for the price of a student pass ($80).  For each hour worked, $10 will be returned.  You will not work for more than 8 hours. Note: For the check option, we request that only those volunteering the full 8 hours utilize this option.  That way, we just return your check to you.

3. You will receive a schedule one week before the event detailing your volunteer times.  If you need hours changed, please contact our volunteer coordinator.

4. At the event, check-in with with our volunteer coordinator. At the conclusion of the weekend, check out with her and she will return your check or return the appropriate amount of funds.