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This year we will be collaborating with Jack & Jill O'Rama to bring you a late night dancethon benefiting the John Wheaton Legacy Foundation.  John was committed to helping our young dancers be successful funds will be used to fund youth dancing.  

Information on how to join or start a team coming soon! 



From midnight til the DJ calls it, you can dance as an individual or a team for a Dance-A-Thon challenge.  You (and your team) commit to dancing for the entire duration of the Dance-A-Thon. 

If you're on a TEAM, you don’t have to be on the dance floor the entire time.

That’s right! You get breaks. You can even alternate napping. Because you only need one dancer from each team on the floor at a time. Your team can have up to six people. Each team member (or individual) will receive a mug at the end of the Dance-A-Thon on Saturday night...a.k.a. Sunday morning.


We are incredibly honored to partner with Ben Morris and Tanin Kosol for our JJO Mug Design - TO BE REVEALED SOON.  



You can participate in the Dance-A-Thon as either an individual or as a team

How much is it to register?  $12 - sign up online on the W3 Registration site.  

All registration dollars (minus processing fees and mug cost) will be donated to the John Wheaton Legacy Foundation.  To register, simply go to the main Wild Wild Westie registration page, register for the event (if you haven’t already), and add the W3 Dance-A-Thon to your registration (see picture).  If you have already registered, you should be able to add this. 

How do I participate as an Individual?


Individuals who sign up, all you have to do is register and participate in the Dance-A-Thon Saturday night of Wild Wild Westie. You’ll receive your mug at the end of the Dance-A-Thon (Saturday night...a.k.a. Sunday Morning). 


How do I form a Team? - COMING SOON!


As a *suite* ultimate bonus, the team that raises $5k (or the team who raises the most money if multiple teams hit that amount….which, WOW, go you!), W3 will throw them a Suite Party Saturday night of Wild Wild Westie. Team members can invite a few of their friends to celebrate, and the party will be held after the Champions J&J and before the Dance-A-Thon begins. 


Fundraising Benchmark Prizes


$500 raised : coming soon

$1,000 raised - coming soon

$2,500 raised - coming soon 

 $4,000 raised - First team to reach this benchmark gets three Wild Wild Westie 2023 passes (or the equivalent discounts if split between more team members).

$5,000 raised (or the team who raises the most money) - Sweet Suite Party Saturday Night of Wild Wild Westie! 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I be a Team of 1 and be eligible for the fundraising prizes?

Yes!  Just register with the TBD Team Lead and indicate you are Team Solo!

How come I can only have 6 people on my team?

Since we're offering Fundraising Prizes, we want to make sure each team is relatively evenly matched!

Do I have to dance the ENTIRE time?

You commit to trying to dance the entire time as an individual - that can include taking rest breaks, water breaks, chatting with your friends or even chilling with the DJ. But as a TEAM, please try to have one person on the floor the entire time! Cause it's a DANCE-A-THON. And #Honor. 

Are you going to police the one person dancing for your team rule?

#HonorSystem #DancingForACause #IBelieveYou

When will I get my mug? 

You or your team members can pick up mugs by team at the end of the night/morning! 

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