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2023 Staff to start... more to come!

Teaching Staff with more to come! 
Leveled Workshops:

Victoria Henk and Ben Morris
Susan Kirklin and Gary McIntyre
Emily Huan
g and Glenn Ball
Nicole and Thibault Ramirez
Tren Veal and Markus Smith
Bryn Anderson and Kenneth Rutland

Jen Deluca
Demetre Souliotes

Malia Jameson

More to comeeeeee.......

College Workshops:
Colleen and Arthur Uspensky

MCs: Sheven Kekoolani, Jen Deluca, Tara Trafzer and more!

DJ Staff: 

Ruby Lair - Head DJ
Helen Tocco
Chris Singley
Liz Ravdin
Koichi Tsunoda
Emily Huang
... More to come!

Judging Staff:
Debbie Figueroa - Head Judge

Alex Brand - Scorer

Event Staff

Videography Team
Demetre Soulio
Jerome Subey

Dan Sweet

Event Directors: Tracy Wang, Jay Tsai and CJ Caraway


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