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Q:  Why levelled workshops? 

A:  Levelled workshops offer a more effective learning environment than open workshops.  Dancers develop at varying rates, and in any community, we can identify 3-5 distinct skill groups. Each group has learning needs that are different from the others because they are at a different stage in their development.  It only makes sense to group dancers of with similar needs so instructors can tailor workshop material to best address those needs and improve the overall learning experience. 

​Q: How do I determine my workshop level? 

A: We use your WSDC competition level as a starting point to determine your level- please see the WSDC points registry search page to see your current WSDC standing. 

W1 – if you have no Novice points                          

W2 – if you have at least 1 Novice point

W3 -  if you qualify to dance at the Intermediate level

W4 – if you qualify to dance at the Advanced level

W5 – if you qualify to dance at the All-Star level or above

Q: What are the auditions for?  Do I need to audition? 

A: Auditions are not mandatory!  If you are OK with the level to which you have been assigned, you do not need to audition.  Auditions are only for dancers who wish to audition ABOVE their currently assigned workshop level. In general, dancers may only audition up one level.  Instructors may, on a case-by-case basis, invite a dancer to audition an additional level. 

​Q: How do the auditions work? 

A: You will be evaluated in a Jack-and-Jill style environment by a committee of workshop instructors, who will jointly determine whether you meet the minimum qualifications to move up. 

Q:  What criteria will be used to judge the auditions? 

A:   The following general criteria will be used to judge each audition level: 

To audition into the W2 level, a dancer shall have a working knowledge of basic 6- and 8-count patterns (sugar push, tuck turn, left and right side passes, basic whip, etc.) and proper timing 

To audition into the W3 level, a dancer shall, in addition to the minimum requirements of W2, be able to demonstrate good technique, teamwork and basic musicality. 

To audition into the W4 level, a dancer shall, in addition to the minimum requirements of W3, be able to demonstrate advanced techniques, including footwork and timing variations and advanced musicality. 

Criteria to audition into the W5 level shall be determined at the instructor’s discretion.   

Q: When will the auditions be held? 

A: Auditions will be held starting at 1:00pm on Friday July 7th in the Landmark ballroom. The order of auditions will be as follows: 

 “W1-W2 Level Placement Auditions” 

“W2-W3 Level Placement Auditions” 

“W3-W4 Level Placement Auditions” 

“W4-W5 Level Placement Auditions” 

Q: What if I’m not happy with the results of the audition? 

A: We recommend that you take the first workshop at your assigned workshop level. If, at the end of the first workshop, you still feel you have been misplaced, please come talk to us. 

Q: What if I can’t make the workshop auditions on Friday? 

A: If you cannot make the auditions, please email us at at least a week in advance so that we can discuss alternate arrangements if your exception is approved. 

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