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What is Swing Safe?  We are a third-party pilot-program to better understand large swing event COVID safety.  

Registration and Participation is opt-in and completely voluntary. 


How does this work?

We text you with short surveys asking about health symptoms during and up to one month after the event. 

Before and during the event - Click to sign up  or scan the QR code on flyers at the event

During the event - you will get one short survey to complete on Sunday

After the event:

Daily mini-surveys ( 4 questions) for week 1 post event

4 mini-surveys across week 2 post event

4 mini-surveys across week 3 and 4 post event

Participants will be put in to a raffle for three Amazon Gift Cards of $50 each - drawing will be held one month after the event. 

Who is behind Swing Safe?

Swing Safe is the brain child of Helen Chao, based in Oakland, CA  -  hoping to provide more information to the swing community - those attending events and event organizers about the safety profile of COVID-19 after a large non-socially distanced event that involves travel. 

Questions can be directed at


Even though this is NOT formal research, we will maintain confidentiality and only publish aggregate data. 

Who benefits from Swing Safe?

Results will be released to the community at large - we will be transparent on how and where we obtain this data, and by request - the questions asked. 

This program is run independently of Wild Wild Westie, but is supported by the event. 

Can I see the Program Protocol?

The program protocol can be found here.  

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