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Are you excited about Choreography?  Because we are - and we have partnered with CHOREO CAMP to bring you Choreo Camp W3 Monday!

On July 4th, come dance the holiday with:

Sean McKeever 


Alyssa Glanville

Trendlyon Veal 


Markus Smith


As a one-day Choreo Camp, we have 2 elements from the full Choreo Camp weekend:

PARTNERED + MOVEMENT: Push your partnering skills, speed, precision, musicality and lines

PERFORMANCE + LAB: Put your knowledge to work; perform alongside your peers and instructors each day to learn how to display volume, tone and texture to embody the characteristics of music

CHOREO CAMP W3 is separately ticketed

$109 through June 12th

$129 starting June 13th

Choreography is the best way to build your partnering skills. As such, we are requiring attendees to have a partner. We will not be rotating. When registering for your CC W3 pass please indicate your partner’s name. Each partner must be a CC W3 passholder

Not sure who your partner will be yet? Just write “searching” and send us an email with their name once you find them!

Sign up through


Group I : Intro to Choreography:

While you have experience in social West Coast Swing, and may even compete in Jack & Jills and Strictlys, the realm of choreography will be new (and super exciting!) to you. Recommended for dancer’s new to choreography, and or WSDC level NOV – INT.

Group II : Prior Choreography Experience :

You have previous experience with choreography and/or you compete at an All Star or Advanced WSDC level, or have taken traditional classes in other forms of dance, and participated in other choreography training. Routines in Pro-am, Rising Star, as well as solo routines qualify you for this level.

7/4 Monday Schedule:

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