Workshop Tracks:


Westie Welcome - coming back to the community? these dance optional gatherings are led back community leaders - intended for gentle re-entry back to events. 

Essentials of Swing - coming back to Swing - we can all use a refresher of our fundamentals. 

Technique - Focused on WCS technique

Choreography - Song selected by instructors, Must come with a set partner. 

Pre-signup required with Tracy Wang


Elective - Mixed bag of fun from our instructors

Friday - Please see schedule for location

3pm Ben and Cameo: Westie Welcome

"Optimizing your Next WCS Chapter"

3pm Malia Jameson: Essentials of Swing

"P3: Posture, Position, Presence"

3pm Ben and Victoria Choreography part 1

4pm Brandi Guild: Westie Welcome

"Reconnection with Brandi - talking about a return to the community"


4pm Demetre Souliotes: Essentials of Swing

"Dynamics and Contrast"

4pm Gary and Susan Choreography part 2

Midnight: Alyssa Glanville - SOLO MOVEMENT


9am Gary and Susan: Technique

"Filling Space in your Basics"

9am Ben and Cameo: Essentials of Swing

"Tools for Reconnecting"

9am Ben and Victoria: Elective

"Ben Mo Moves Victoria Victoriously"

10am Brandi Guild: Technique

"Spins and Turns, everything you need to know to return to rotation"

10am Ben and Victoria: Essentials of Swing

"What You Forgot on your Year Off"


10am Ken and Bryn: Elective

"Goodbye Social DisDancing"

Learn how to maximize pattern choices, styling options, partnering and connection points (... so basically all of wsc) by minimizing distance between you and your partner. *rotation option if you bring your own partner.


10am Brandi Guild: Technique

"Connect to Communicate, let's Un-Zoom your Swing"

10am Glenn Ball: Essentials of Swing

"Smooth on Sunday"

10am Gary and Susan: Elective


11am Gary and Susan: Technique


11am Taletha Jouzdani: Swing Essentials

"Choose your own AdventureNow!

The basics of creativity in the moment"

11am Ben and Cameo: Elective

"Finding your Flow...(State)"